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Free Web Hosting

Free PHP Hosting

Not only does the free web hosting plan offer PHP and MySQL support but it is in fact optimized for Joomla, WordPress and many other popular PHP-based web applications.


Free FTP Hosting

This amazing innovative technology helps minimize expenses and makes it possible for FreeHostia to offer top free web hosting with premium-grade quality.


Free Hosting Solutions

The free Chocolate plan allows you to host multiple websites. There are also low-priced upgrade options. Free Hostia offers free website hosting with PHP and MySQL and a long list of additional features.


Excellent Free Hosting Provider

Each of the web hosting plans, including the Chocolate free web hosting package, come with 24/7 technical support and good uptime and performance.


Free MySQL Web Hosting

If you want to get free MySQL hosting and no forced ads you have to take a look at FreeHostia. The Chocolate hosting package offered by FreeHostia is absolutely free with no ads.


Good Free Hosting

The free hosting package allows you to host 5 separate websites in the same account. There are also inexpensive upgrade options.