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VPS Web Hosting

Dedicated Virtual Servers

VPS signifies Virtual Private Server and it works like a dedicated web hosting server as far as management is concerned as you are given complete root access with an option to reboot the private virtual web hosting server remotely.


VPS Reseller Hosting

Australia, UK/EU and US based VPS reseller hosting solutions. Support for the major currencies, no billing fees, no contracts, no reseller deposits.


VPS Hosting With cPanel

VPS hosting solutions run via the cPanel Control Panel. The best cPanel-based VPS deals are here. Money making opportunities - become a VPS reseller.


Private Virtual Server Hosting

A VPS web server offers an excellent balance between performance and cost and is the best solution for mid-size high resource-devouring websites like online storefronts, social networking websites or business portals.


VPS Hosting Server

One of the advantages of handling a virtual private web server is that certain hosting Control Panel tools offer a reseller level of administration, so you can create and sell hosting plans.


Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual dedicated servers with an incomparable web hosting user interface. Just as any other web hosting variety, VPS web hosting servers may vary depending on different features, but the Operating System is maybe the most evident distinction.